How to properly wear your false eyelashes?

In order to reflect the effect of wearing false eyelashes. First of all, to handle well your own eyelashes. We usually use a mascara to brush a brush to make it curl. This will avoid stratifying your own eyelashes when you wear false eyelashes, which may not look good. However, we should pay attention to the fact that it can not be applied very thick, which will affect the effect of wearing false eyelashes.

Here I tell you step by step how to wear false eyelashes:

The first step, is to gently remove the eyelashes from the package with tweezers, taking care not to pull.

In the second step, first apply mascara on the false eyelashes in order to make it more curled.

In the third step, the false eyelashes are placing on their own eyelids. This step is to estimate the length of the eyeliner needed. If the false eyelashes are too long, you can use scissors to cut off the excess eyeliner.

In the fourth step, fix the false eyelashes with the eyelash tweezers. And then apply the eyelash glue evenly on the eyeliner of the false eyelashes, then gently blow the glue with the mouth to make it more uniform.

In the fifth step, please hold the eyelashes with a special eyelash tweezers, close your eyes, and wear the false eyelashes on the upper eyelids.

In the sixth step, when removing the eyelashes, apply a small amount of makeup remover to the eyelids, and then gently untie the eyeliner along with the makeup remover. Be careful not to pull hard, not to remove the false eyelashes directly.

In the seventh step, we should wash the glue remaining on tfalse eyelashes. For our company’s products, we cansoak the false eyelashes in warm water directly. And then the glue can be washed off by gently rubbing.

In the eighth step, for our company’s products, you can use a hair dryer to gently dry the false eyelashes. Of course, you can wait for it to dry naturally.

In the ninth step, We should keep the cleaned false eyelashes on the eyelash holder to maintain the curvature it should have.

In the tenth step, the eyelash holder is stored in the eyelash box, and it is protected and kept for the next time.

Only when we treat our eyelashes with care, our eyelashes will bring us the most beautiful experience!

Dear customer, have you learned these steps?