Eyelash or lash box?

Recently, a customer communicated with me. She said why it is so difficult to make a good eyelash box.

I patiently listened to her story. She spent a small amount of money to buy a lot of eyelashes, but he was willing to spend more money to customize the box of eyelashes. In fact, the cost of a box is higher than that of an eyelash. I asked the customer a question. Do you sell eyelashes or sell eyelash boxes?

She was immersed in contemplation, but still explained to me that a good-looking box can enhance its attention and give it a more beautiful experience, which can make eyelashes sell better.

I said that your thoughts are correct, but we should always look for what we want to do, not pay attention to the quality of the eyelashes itself, but go to care about a package, obviously this is a way of thinking.

But my client said, I am not wrong like this? Why do I have to follow your own ideas?

I said, if you spend a lot of money to buy a bunch of very high quality eyelashes, and then you spend some more money to customize your eyelash box, is this better?

Always remember the core of your eyelash business, remember that consumers wear your eyelashes instead of buying your box!