Do you need to customize your own eyelash box?

The answer is yes, but don’t worry at first.

There are a lot of customers looking for me, and they are just starting to do eyelashes business, they haven’t ordered a lot of eyelashes, they don’t know the eyelash style they like, and they don’t experience the quality of their own eyelashes, but during the negotiation process. Slowly, he talked to me how to customize his own eyelash box. How to design a good-looking LOGO, there is nothing wrong with considering it, but dear customer, have you considered your actual situation? Do you know what conditions are needed for the factory to make a box?

Some customers even buy a few pairs of eyelashes, they want to match their own unique box, and just need a few boxes, every time we talk about it, in the principle of customer first, we will patiently explain to customers, this lashes packaging The box factory needs a certain amount of order to start work. So many orders are not processed by the factory every day. Will it take time and effort for your small order?

Even more, some customers, even if they know this, are willing to spend a lot of money to order a few pairs of boxes. I can only say sorry every time, I am sorry that we can’t do it. We will not do something that is extremely uneconomical for our clients because of a small profit. Since my client has found me, I would rather offend her than to see her go to an unworthy path.

So dear customers, especially those who just started their own eyelash business, we still pay attention to the quality of the eyelashes themselves. This is the first priority. As for the eyelash packaging box, can’t you do it for the second time?