Is the 2 dollar eyelashes good?

A customer asked me to customize her personal eyelash packaging box. By the way, we talked about the eyelashes she bought. She spent a small amount of money and bought a bunch of eyelashes. I looked at the picture it gave me, but I saw it at a glance. Our company’s original lashes style is just being emulated by others.

I told her that we have a style that looks like the one you bought, but we are much more expensive because we sell not only eyelash products, but also original designs and user wear experiences.

She replied to me that this was what her friend recommended her to buy. Her friend said that the quality is good, please don’t talk about the good or bad suppliers I purchased.

I smile and reply, okay.

I just couldn’t help but think of a story. Some people once saw a pond and felt that there was so much water here that they felt that they couldn’t use it all, but one day, when she met the ocean. Does he still think that there is more water in the pond?

The 2 dollar eyelashes are like the pond. We can’t say that it is not good. It is only the people who have seen the pond. Of course, it will be good. But dear customer, since we want to do eyelash business, we should go to see the vast ocean in the distance.

Why are we choose lashes not lashes extension?

Lashes planting time, usually go to the beauty salon to graft the eyelashes, it takes 1-2 hours at a time, then if we have the eyelash style we like at hand? I believe it will definitely save you a lot of time doing other things for you.

The metabolism of your own eyelashes, the grafting of the eyelashes is to stick on your own single eyelashes, and your own eyelashes begin to fall off from the third day with the metabolism of the human body, and the left and right eyes begin to be asymmetrical, the whole makeup The grade is lowered. We can clearly see from the picture below.

The limitations of makeup, we will face different occasions in life, our makeup is different in different occasions, and different makeup needs different eyelash styles, business occasions need light makeup with natural style , dance occasions need exaggerated thick style, Dating occasions require elegant and moving styles, and so on. Imagine, when you have different eyelash styles, is it easier to deal with different makeup in different occasions?

The layerof the eyelashes, the layering of the planting eyelashes is relatively simple, can not express the natural and agile feeling of the eyelashes, but the 3D Mink eyelashes can show the multi-layered feeling.

Therefore, the future market must be the market for higher quality eyelashes. We are not developing it into a daily consumable, but as an art to express our own personality.

How to select lashes?

Before this, we have to understand the raw materials of eyelashes. Generally, there are two kinds of eyelashes material on the market, such as mink and false mink. Look at your market position and your own budget to decide which market you need to do. Below is key point of selecting:

Eyelashes hair tip, see whether each eyelash has a hairy tip, because only when each hair has a hairy tip, it can be guaranteed that this is a complete hair, and only the details of each hair are completed to ensure the overall quality. As the below show the mink eyelashes hair tip.

Eyelashes Line softnesseyelashes line depends on two parts, one is the amount of eyelashes, one is the glue used by the Eyelashes line, the amount of hair depends on the style requirements, the more the hair is theoretically the harder the eyeliner, which is directly proportional relationship. Another one is glue, the quality of the glue can determine whether the eyeliner can be made soft. A good eyelashes is when you touch the eyelshes line, you feel a natural softness.

Eyelashes curvature, good eyelashes, and more realistic eyelashes, in any aspect, look natural and comfortable, especially from the side of the eyelashes, there will be a lot of layers, not only real but also artistic. As shown in the figure below, the left eyelashes are not rich in the curvature of the right eyelashes.

The times of the eyelashes are used, we definitely don’t want to use one thing and it will be broken, so when we buy eyelashes, if we can buy it on the spot, we can touch the sample, we can comb the hair naturally by hand. See if there is hair loss.

This is the four elements of choosing a good eyelash. Of course, there are other ways to pick eyelashes. I will keep updating in the blogs that follow.

How to start your own Lashes Business?

Firstunderstand your local market! Because at the beginning, your customer base is in the local area. You have to go to your local eyelash market to find out about the popular styles and get to know the local prices.

Second, search for suppliers! Ask as much as possible, especially from the eyelash production gathering place, where there are many eyelash suppliers, which means that there is a lot of market information, which is especially worthwhile for you to do business.

Third, do a good job budget planning! At the beginning of the eyelash business budget is not sufficient, but I feel that you should to sell the lashes that you satisfied with, and choose the better as you can. Even if our budget is insufficient, we can not reduce the quality of the eyelashes, maybe you can buy a lot of cheap eyelashes, but it can neither help you occupy the market, nor meet the needs of you and consumers.

Fourth, always believe in your own judgment and your own aesthetics! Always believe in the sincere suggestions of others. Always believe in your own persistenc. Only by continuously concentrating on the eyelash business can you continuously improve your career and succeed.

Finally, don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate! Just Do It!