Why do some customers think some eyelashes are so expensive?

First of all, customers are not understand eyelashes, going to  misunderstanding district. We can imagine that the eyelashes market is there and the competition is in front of us. No seller will be stupid enough to give their products a very expensive price, so they will lose. The huge competitive advantage of price, why do some sellers prefer to give up many customers, and never make concessions on the price?

We need to understand the truth, the value determines the price, only the confidence in products, the quality of the eyelashes, the style of the eyelashes, the curvature of the eyelashes, the satisfaction of the work of the eyelashes, they will have a great atmosphere to indicate their price, and They will not make concessions for the small profits. They regard the products as their own artworks, and those who appreciate the customers are the destination of this artwork.

Conversely, if you think of an eyelash product, from negotiation to transaction, the price has been greatly reduced. Do you think that the seller wants to keep your customer, or is the seller aware that this product is not worth the price? Good things can’t be compared to the price, the low price can not buy good things.

We should always remember that when we care too much about the price itself, we ignore the original intention of purchasing the eyelashes. The core thing should be the product itself, the quality of the product, the user experience, the user satisfaction, these are the good eyelashes should look like.

But there are still some customers who are eager to buy a lot of bad quality products. As a result, the money has gone out, the products have not been sold, and a lot of inventory has been accumulated, which is not worth.

Therefore, an eyelash merchant who wants to develop for a long time should pay more attention to the quality of the product itself, rather than paying attention to the price.

Of course, customers have customers’ budgets and want to buy more things with less money, but dear customers have you thought about it? Do you think little budgets can buy a lot of good products?