Is it good to use mink as raw materials for eyelashes?

I am very surprised that the customer asked me this question. But I am not surprised that the customer asked me this question too.

Oddly enough, such articles about the selection of eyelash raw materials everywhere. We are very simple and it is obvious that mink as an eyelash raw material does have incomparable advantages than other raw materials. Since there are unique advantages, why do we can’t you say that is good?

Not surprisingly, I suspect that most customers who ask for mink eyelashes should not tried this eyelashes. So they will only ask this question. Others say it is good or bad, is it really good or bad? Have you experienced it by yourself?

Therefore, dear customers, whether it is mink eyelashes or what kind of material eyelashes, if you want to know the answer, you have to find and try it by yourself. Others say good is not really good, when you speak good and that is good indeed.