Which eyelash is worth?

After a long time, a customer suddenly found me. And she complained about the quality of the eyelashes she bought before. It was said that after just 4 or 5 times, the eyeliner began to fall off, and now I can’t wear it.

After she complained a lot, I learned some situation as she thought our lashes is expensive. And then she went to another company to buy eyelashes. The price of each pair of eyelashes was $2. We can calculate the account:

$2, probably 5 times. And our sample price is $6, but it can be used 20-30 times. If you use it properly every time, the times will be more.

We clearly see that our products are better than the price/performance ratio, but this is not the most important point.

We can think about it in depth. Is the same feeling about $2 eyelash and $6 eyelash? So, aren’t you willing to wear a more comfortable eyelash?

We often think about which eyelashes are worth more, but we often just focus on the price. In fact, we lose the objectivity of judgment. We should to analyze some factors, and finally decide which value is better. Is it better?

Should I trust my customers?

I will not hesitate to answer this question, believe it!

And I will give my client a chance. A chance to make a good appointment for whatever reason. But there is no second chance any more.

Because there were too many customers who said that she came back to me for further eyelash business discussion. But the results were not. I know this may be an excuse for my client. But it is because she is my client, so I will choose not to hesitate to believe her. .

But many customers did not follow her agreement. However, some customers said that this is an appointment, she will definitely come back, and she will really come back to me.

The customers who don’t follow her agreement make me doubt each other’s trust, but the customers who follow the agreement will make me believe in the trust between each other.

So many times I was doubting and believing in Lieutenant. But still that sentence, just because you are my client, I chose not to hesitate to believe in you.

Why do some customers never return to me?

I have been rethinking this question. Is my eyelashes not attractive enough for customers? Is it inappropriate way for me to show my customers? Is my language expression not in right way? Didn’t I understand the customer’s needs at all? Is it that I have not given absolute enthusiasm and sincerity to face my eyelash customers?

I thought for a long long time, but I denied my thoughts at the end. It seems that at that moment I understand a simple but profound truth, a person who doesn’t really want to do business with you, or who doesn’t want to buy our eyelashes, no matter how you persuade and how to guide, the result will be futile.

The cruelest thing about doing business is not to say how much you give to the others and how much others will pay you. The parity of both parties and and the willingness of both parties to be the basis for eyelash business success.

This is not only suitable for the eyelash business, but also for our daily life.

In fact, I don’t care if some customers don’t return to me. I care more about the customers who are willing to cooperate with me. And have I really helped him solve his problems?

Why do we want to design 28mm long eyelashes?

Last year, we introduced 25mm long eyelashes to the eyelash market. We are very proud of the many customers who came here to buy our 25mm long eyelashes, which is still popular in the market today.

However, some customers still want to pursue longer, more sexy, and more exaggerated long eyelashes. In order to meet the needs of this part of our customers, our designers have designed a series of 28mm long eyelashes, because we have to know that exaggeration is only can be expressed with more exaggeration.

Below I will put three eyelashes pictures, from the natural eyelashes, 25mm eyelashes, and then to the 28mm long eyelashes picture for everyone to provide reference.

We can see that each different length of eyelashes has its own advantages. The natural model is lighter, the 25mm is very mature, and the 28mm is particularly sexy. This is why we will create 28mm super long eyelashes. In order to exaggerated, more sexy, first of all, it will be different from other eyelashes in length.

Again, if you want to exaggerate, you have to express it in a more exaggerated way. That’s why we designed 28mm long eyelashes.