Why is your eyelash business not successful?

First of all, for the business of eyelashes, because the threshold is low at the beginning, the cost is small, the customs restrictions are small, and the goods are small, the general express can be satisfied, so more and more people are pouring into the industry, which is just a big cake. There are more and more people, so everyone gets less and less, but why are there still a few eyelash businesses that have been successful? Why is your business not successful? Dear customer, have you seriously thought about it?

Some customers. The reason for the failure is that he is very blind. When he sees others doing 3D Mink lashes to make money, he also chooses to do it. He thinks that others can do it, and he will be very easy. But because of their blindness, their unprofessional, they don’t understand this market, let alone the distinction between good and bad eyelashes. So that is reason that they failed.

Some customers, although they have done some research in the eyelash market, they also find those best-selling style lashes, and then take pictures to find suppliers or factories, thinking that they can buy the same eyelashes as the pictures, they will buy the kind eyelashes they want. The result is based on a few comparisons, I chose the eyelashes that I think is cost-effective, in fact, they bought the eyelashes that are relatively cheap. Consumers are also smart people, they do not have to spend money to buy a bunch of poor quality goods.

Here I would like to specifically tell you that a handmade product like this, if it is not a very experienced worker, can’t imitate exactly the same product, let alone buy it at a low price, no matter how the market changes. Value deciding on the price is still correct.

There are still some customers who have learned about the market and got good products, but why is the business still not hot? I tried to list several reasons:

First, only understand the market, only focus on supply, only care about the profit. And they can’t give good advice to consumers from a higher level. When consumers have certain problems, they can’t give effective communication and can’t solve the problem correctly. We must know that the product is of good quality, but the consumer experience is also very important. The ultimate trend of advanced consumption is user satisfaction.

Second, the supplier’s professionalism is insufficient. Even if one of your products is doing very well, users are satisfied with all aspects, but after all, customers are a group of people who are chasing for beauty. They also need new products. They need to try new styles and need a variety of beauty. And some factories are not professional in themselves. How do you expect it to launch professional or even lead new eyelashes?

Third, there is no awareness of owning its own brand. Even if some customers realize this problem from the beginning, they want to build their own lashes brand, but when they start a business, they will continue to introduce those hot styles, and also some new ones. This will definitely give you some profit, but it will never give you a reputation. No matter what you do, you need to fully understand what you want. If you want to build your own brand, you must plan your own future. Don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate. Opportunity is reserved for those who are willing to do things. The eyelashes are ultimately to make their own brand, not a centralized wholesaler, you have to remember that it is what the factory should do, not yourself.

Some customers are very professional and understand the needs of customers. However, it is because of this that they gradually develop their own awareness of eyelashes. Once some habits are formed, they become difficult to change, but people are not perfect, We must always change our minds and think from the perspective of consumers. Only by continuous improvement can we continue to make progress.

Of course, different customers will have different problems, and I will continue to update them in future blogs.