Grit – the story behind the eyelash

When I was alone, I often went to the beach, sat on the beach and looked at the sea level in the distance, watching the waves come out one by one.

The waves are like our lives. There is no absolute calm, and life will never stop go forward.

I often grabbed the grit under my body, and every time I wanted to hold it tightly, I found that it would always slip away from my fingers. The tighter the grip, the faster the loss. Later, after simply grasping it, open the palm of your hand and let it blow away with the wind. When the wind lifted up the grit, it was like a painting.

In the end, there will always be a few grit left in my hand, scattered in my palm. At that moment, I suddenly remembered the eyelashes in the picture below. The gap between the bottom of the eyelashes seemed to be a small grit. The more I thought about it, i think that the eyelashes name would be called grit.

Some customers have asked me how you named these eyelashes. I replied that each eyelash should have its own name, and some names can only meet and cannot be deliberated.