Light – the story behind the eyelash

Say this eyelash, I have to praise it once again, this is perhaps the highest-selling eyelash in the eyelash market!

As early as 2013, our designers designed this eyelash. Moreover, most of the eyelashes on the market at that time were about 12mm. Consumers have not yet received relatively long eyelashes. It is because of the rareness that some people will have early adopters, but it is also because of the high quality and special style that will be sold well.

But thanks to Lillylashes, this eyelash can have such a high sales volume. Without the excellent eyelash artist like Lilly, without Lilly’s smart and sensible business mind, this eyelash would not be so high. So we are very happy to work with an excellent eyelash dealer like Lilly Lashes.

Suddenly I remember that many customers asked me how to sell a lash?

In fact, the answer is very simple, special eyelash style + excellent eyelash quality + mindful marketing model.

Actually, this is the answer and also the fact.