Flow – the story behind of the eyelash

In fact, this eyelash is already the third generation design of this eyelash. And the three generations of this product are designed because of the same customer.

About our designer and Customer

Let’s talk about this customer first, she is a person who loves music, and she especially likes the nice melody. Every time she talks to her, she always gives us some good songs she has heard recently, and she is especially good at things like temperament.

What’s more, our designers have very unique insights into music, so as a middleman between them, it’s just that I have benefited from discussing with them about music.

ABout the third generation of eyelash

This third generation of eyelashes is a joint product of customers and our designers. At first, the first generation of eyelashes, the customer is very satisfied with this eyelash style. But she always feels lack of something after wearing, I feel that the mobility of the eyelashes is not perfect.

Later, our designers were deepened by the curvature of this eyelash. Then the eyelashes appear more perfect and more exaggerated. The customer likes the second generation’s curl, saying that it is a kind of agility to wear.

But after a while, the customer raised a question, can you show that every pair of hair has a sense of movement?

This question really made the designer difficult. Then our designers are thinking about how to achieve that effect every day.

Suddenly, the designer told me that he had listened to a symphony and found that many instruments were miscellaneous, but they were not messy. So he suddenly thought of something, he was changing the assembly of this eyelash, also with some special treatment.

It became this third-generation eyelash, and when the customer received the goods, she repeatedly praised our designers. Today, it has been three years since then, and customers have been continuing to order this eyelash.

She said that this eyelash is very similar to the sound, very natural and flow.

And we are especially happy that customers can always like it and support us. Of course, we also hope that more and more customers can participate in our design to create classic eyelash together.