Shallow – The story behind of the eyelash

This eyelash style has a very beautiful name, translated into Chinese called “浅”. The word shallow contains a lot, but it seems that it has not included anything.

I have a client from Dubai where is hot all year round. She wants to have an eyelash that looks very thin, but it can’t be too thin. Otherwise the eyelash wearing effect will be greatly reduced.

When I conveyed this idea to our designers, he just was reading a novel. This novel about a girl who fell in love with a boy in summer season. There is a description of the repetition in the novel many times, and this paragraph is written:

“That is a street full of sycamore trees that we pass every day after school. Every time he walks in front, in every sunny day, the sunset is projected onto the street through the gap of the sycamore leaves from the roadside. The shallow sunlight will illuminate the side of each passing person. Every time I walk behind him, I follow him quietly, watching him walk into a beam of sunshine and walk into a beam of sunshine again. At that time, he was like my sunshine, and I always pursued behind him and became his shadow.”

The designer constantly felt that the emotions at that time were so simple, and all feelings were so shallow. It is like a shallow hormone in the summer.

And we can no longer go back to the simplicity of the time, and we can no longer catch such a heart-warming memory.