Write an open letter to customers in South America

Hello dear South American customer,

In recent days, I have talked about some customers in South America, but without exception, the negotiations all ran aground.

These customers are from Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Bahamas, Barbados, Costa Rica. The initial talks were very pleasant, but when it comes to transportation, they all ran aground. The reason is not that we can’t send them the goods, but whether they can accept it smoothly. To the problem of goods, these countries have special regulations on animal hair and similar things. Goods need to be checked, because the uncertainty may cause the goods to be returned or confiscated, no matter which result, it is not good for our customer.

Later, I went to inquire about the local import and export policy of my customer country. After many inspections, it is actually acceptable for our eyelash products, but we need our customers to apply for a qualification certificate. Our customer with this qualification can accept our eyelashes product.

Because different countries have different requirements for this qualification certificate, so I want to tell my dear South American customers here, please be sure to go to the local customs to inquire about the eyelash import before you want to engage in eyelash business.  Because you are doing business in your country, then you must abide by your local policies.

This will not only start your eyelash business, but also help your future eyelash business grow bigger and stronger.


Joe Ding