You really don’t understand eyelashes

I have a customer. She asked me how much in the first sentence in our talking. I was particularly surprised. I said dear customers. You didn’t tell me what style of eyelashes you need. How could I provide your price?

Then, my customer asked me again, then what style of eyelashes do you have, can you show all to me? I said yes and i asked her which length of eyelash do you prefer?

My customer said to me again, I want eyelashes which is the kind that can be worn on the eyes. I am surprised again here. It’s not her problem to be surprised, but seems he really don’t understand eyelashes.

I know that many of my customer are just starting to do eyelash business, but dear customers, since you have decided to engage in eyelash business, why don’t you spend more time on eyelashes?

Rather than being so purposeless and without directions, it is better to do your homework and then go to the market to find out.