What do I hesitate when I buy eyelashes?

According to my experience, there are two common situations:

First, when I choose eyelashes, I suddenly find that I have seen more and more eyelashes I want to buy, but the budget is not enough, but I don’t want to give up my favorite eyelash styles, so I slowly calculate in my heart, waiting until my budget is enough to buy?

The more you think about it, the more you should do it. This kind of customer actually has a problem, thinks a lot, and does less. In fact, picking someone who means giving up someone, if you don’t want to give up , then how can you get it?

Second, customers who keep asking questions, it is good to ask question, but always ask questions, is it that good? If you are taking the initiative to understand the eyelash business you are about to engage in, or that is just you follow the trend when you see others earning money. You think others do business well, and also you can, but dear customers, can you?

Usually I would advise my customer, let go of your idea of doing eyelashes business. Try to do some research yourself. After you learn more about eyelashes, decide whether you want to engage in eyelashes business.