Which eyelash is worth?

After a long time, a customer suddenly found me. And she complained about the quality of the eyelashes she bought before. It was said that after just 4 or 5 times, the eyeliner began to fall off, and now I can’t wear it.

After she complained a lot, I learned some situation as she thought our lashes is expensive. And then she went to another company to buy eyelashes. The price of each pair of eyelashes was $2. We can calculate the account:

$2, probably 5 times. And our sample price is $6, but it can be used 20-30 times. If you use it properly every time, the times will be more.

We clearly see that our products are better than the price/performance ratio, but this is not the most important point.

We can think about it in depth. Is the same feeling about $2 eyelash and $6 eyelash? So, aren’t you willing to wear a more comfortable eyelash?

We often think about which eyelashes are worth more, but we often just focus on the price. In fact, we lose the objectivity of judgment. We should to analyze some factors, and finally decide which value is better. Is it better?