Why do some customers never return to me?

I have been rethinking this question. Is my eyelashes not attractive enough for customers? Is it inappropriate way for me to show my customers? Is my language expression not in right way? Didn’t I understand the customer’s needs at all? Is it that I have not given absolute enthusiasm and sincerity to face my eyelash customers?

I thought for a long long time, but I denied my thoughts at the end. It seems that at that moment I understand a simple but profound truth, a person who doesn’t really want to do business with you, or who doesn’t want to buy our eyelashes, no matter how you persuade and how to guide, the result will be futile.

The cruelest thing about doing business is not to say how much you give to the others and how much others will pay you. The parity of both parties and and the willingness of both parties to be the basis for eyelash business success.

This is not only suitable for the eyelash business, but also for our daily life.

In fact, I don’t care if some customers don’t return to me. I care more about the customers who are willing to cooperate with me. And have I really helped him solve his problems?