Why do we choose 25 mm eyelashes?

Usually our eyelashes are mostly around 12 mm, but when we grow older, the eyelashes begin to fall off. In order to maintain our beautiful appearance, we usually choose to wear eyelashes close to our natural length.

But life is artistic, makeup is changeable, we need personality, long eyelashes should not only care about its length, we should pay more attention to appearance. So long eyelashes are we suitable to wear? The answer to this question is simple, just to try.

Our company recently came up with a new model. When we introduced her to different long length eyelash, but when we recommended her 25 mm eyelashes, she said that this is too long, how to wear it?

We didn’t explain to her why we designed the 25 mm eyelashes, and didn’t say the characteristics of this eyelashes, just let her try to wear it. The two pictures below are the normal length of the eyelashes and the 25 mm eyelashes.

We can see that both models are very good looking, they are quite suitable for her to wear, but we seem to find that 25 mm eyelashes are more exaggerated, more charming, more sexy, especially suitable for stage makeup, suitable for passionate gatherings, suitable for individuality occasion.

We are not saying that we must choose 25 mm eyelashes, but when we change some makeup, in some occasions, isn’t it better to wear 25 mm eyelashes?

Because of its exaggerated effect, it makes you look different.